Wild Golf shot, why?

Hello friends in Golf!


Do you make a wild shot?  All golfers do struggle.  Wild drive or wild iron shot even when you are perfectly positioned on the fairway?  I do, and I wanted to know why I make such shots.  


Please check the following list of scenarios and see if they apply to you:

(1) Re-gripping (squeezing) at the top of back swing.  Do you find yourself do re-gripping or squeezing your palm more in order to hold grip more firmly? 

This would be one of major reasons for a wild shot.  If you do squeezing at the top of back swing, there will be a lot of chances to interrupt the angle of club head.  You will hit the ball with totally wrong angle of blade or club head.  This can happen without any knowledge.  One way to fix this type of error is to grip relatively firmly from the beginning. 


Or, you can use a bigger/super size grip, so that grip can be attached to the palm and finger with more squeezing.


(2) Do you maintain the same or high level of focus in the back nine? 


We normally spend almost 5 hours in the field to complete 18 holes.  These are long hours, and this requires a lot of patience and concentration.  Make sure to maintain the same pre-routine and basic principles you do both in the front nine holes as well as in the back nine. 


(3) Aiming at the target incorrectly.  Please check your foot position and lining up. 

As you play more holes, there would be a tendency to be slightly off with aiming.  One way to avoid this would be to use the shaft as a directional guide with holding it closer to chest and pointing to the target.  This will help you make sure you are lining up correctly.  And bend enough as you normally do.  You may get loose with all these basics while you are playing more and more holes. 

Keep focused with the same alert level. 


Please remember that one wild shot can influence many subsequent shots, and the end result can be really disappointing. 


You may need to have a deep breath, inhale really deeply and hold breath for a moment and exhale very slowly to maintain focus throughout the plays for almost 5 hours in the course.  Please do this every now and then, especially when playing the back nine!!


All golfers do struggle, but do make improvement and find joy from it.


My best wishes to your game this summer and enjoy your game more with better score!


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