a slight distance between Club head and Ball (couple of inches) at Addressing, and body shifts

We golfers all are struggling.  In this article, I want to point out one very important factor that most of us may not be aware of that much.


As most of all golfers know, Body and weight do shift during back swing and contact until finish.  These backward and forward shifts could be the source of power hitting, yet these shifts could be the source of random and irregular ball striking, which would result in very poor shot.  I think this could be very unknown and unnoticed, thus it would be very hard to correct and fix the poor shot.  Golfers struggle because of this.  Golf struggle.


At addressing, the left hand grip (for right hand golfer) and shaft of driver will be stretched out very straightly from inside of left thigh, but please notice that there will be a little distance (couple of inches) between club head and ball.  As you start back swing, the center of body will naturally shift to the left a little bit.


Then, down swing starts from top of the back swing with body shifting forward.  The key point here is that the exact contact point of club head and ball needs be square along with body shift.  The little distance maintained at the beginning of swing will be the critical factor to make the contact to be very square.  This will really make the shot accurate and correct.


The above description would be true for driver shot, but it will be slightly different for iron shot.  Ball position for iron shot will be more toward to center with arm to be more diagonal and less kinked at wrist (making less  angle compared to driver shot, not as straightly pointing out as driver).  Yet, we want to maintain some distance between club head and ball, so that the same body shift for iron shot will have eventually the same effect as driver shot.  In other word, the contact point between ball and iron head will be exactly square, and this will generate very accurate shot, most of time.



Body is shifting with simultaneous rotation around the center axis of body.  Yet, the entire swing line will be like a big and long line of circle (closer to straight line).   The entire swing line is the same as swing path we make from back swing and down swing all the way to finish.  Swing path is so important.



I think that excellent golf shot requires a very precise contact with the movement of body and golf club with the right angle.  Otherwise, the result would be a poor and random and disastrous shot.  Just simple like that.  It is really about physics.


Golfers are struggling without clear understanding of root cause of a poor shot.

Please remember that there is a reason for every single poor shot.


Please test the tip given in this article here.

Way forward for success of your golf game!


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