Golf Swing Posture with enough Bending-down

Good posture in Golf swing is very important.  Posture has to be stable from the beginning to the end finish.

In particular, the degree of bending down or tilting is so critical that this may be a one of dominant factors for the stable and consistent ball striking.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

Have you ever had experiences that all of sudden you were keep doing Shank?  Slice and hook and totally frustrating shots?  A shank occurs when the ball is hit out of the heel or the hosel of the golf club. The ball tends to fly out sharply to the right (for the right-handed golfer) and also quite low. The shank shot is perhaps one of the most destructive and frustrating shots in golf.

Golf Struggle!  Struggle.

Good posture is grounded in a forward tilt or bending down from the hips — not the waist.  There may be specific degrees of bending down, but please remember to bend down enough about 30 degrees or more.

Please see the picture of a late beloved golf legend and international icon, Mr. Arnold Palmer when he was young and a very dominant player.  It is quite surprising to see how he maintained the degree of bending down from the hip.

Try to accommodate this posture to your golf swing and see how differently you will strike the ball.  This picture was featured in 2017 Golf Digest magazine and is also available in public site.  I am sure we can learn a lot from this picture.

Thanks be to Mr. Arnold Palmer and he will be missed for a long time and for many generations.  I hope you can improve your golf swing this time significantly.

Golfers struggle but will overcome it.


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