Vertical Drop Swing, more with Pendulum Swing

There have been two schools of thought about golf swing.  Traditional thought is that golf swing is closer to being vertical and finishing high.  However, recent thought would be that golf swing is rotational and swing plane would be flatter rather than being vertical.  There are major differences between two thoughts.  


Vertical swing or vertical swing plane will definitely promote and encourage straight ball fly after hitting.  However, rotational swing will tend to be hitting the ball to the right or left because of rotational movement of body and arm but with more power and lack of control. There is no clear reason for this shift of thought, but every player has to understand the pro and cons of two different swings.


This article strongly suggest that Vertical Drop is the right way.  We know all Golfers Struggle.  


Vertical Drop Swing will be more accurate and encourage the straight ball fly after hitting.  This gives a huge benefit and advantage over the rotational swing. Then, what kind of simple mechanics and tips are involved in this for consistent and repeatable swing?


First, Back swing.

Now back swing has started.  Make sure to recognize the moment when the left hand is reaching exactly over the top of right foot.  At this time, left arm will be very much parallel to the imaginary line that can be drawn with two toes and target point.  Please see picture below.

Takeaway (not Rotation) will happen only with using upper body and shoulder, not using lower body or hip, but using very minimal waist turn.

Imagine that your back swing completely stops or pauses for a second.  I would say this is point of lifting.  The left hand which grabs the golf club would be very vertical, almost pointing to the sky vertically at the height of waist.  This point is very important because we will lift the left shoulder and arm and hand together up vertically after this point.

Simply lift up the left shoulder along with hand and arm together. This lifting will be extremely important because we want to make sure that the top portion of left shoulder is naturally touching up the bottom of chin. 


Lift up further and further until you reach at the peak of back swing.  Please see both pictures, above and below. Here, at the peak, the shaft of golf club does not have be parallel to the ground.  In other words, three quarter swing should be enough to generate enough power with such an accuracy.

Make sure that right hip around right back pocket area does not rotate that much.  It will stay with only minimal rotations, or virtually no rotation at all.  Please see picture above.


Second, Vertical drop or Down Swing.

We want to use the power of natural gravity from down swing or simply vertical dropping of club.  We want to trigger the powerful dropping of club with natural gravity. 

If possible, we want to minimize the movement of wrist as hard as possible in order to result in such an accurate hitting of golf ball with iron blade or drive head.  The more we use the wrist movement, the lesser the accuracy of ball striking will be.  This is a known fact and this has to be stressed over again and again.


Lastly, Finish. 

The Finish will be a series of action, but more or so it would be the same of reverse back swing.  

In other words, make sure to recognize when the right hand stretches out and reaches to the left side lifting point (this would be almost symmetric to beginning of back swing).

Likewise, simply lift up right shoulder with right hand and arm together. Please make sure that the top portion of right shoulder is naturally touching up the bottom of chin.

Lift up further and further until you reach at the peak, so that you can finish the swing. 

Right hand will stay high at around 11 hour clock, not necessary at 12 hour clock.

Body shifting from center to right and back to center and further to left will happen naturally and smoothly.


Thanks for reading and I hope you will have a huge improvement in golf swing this season!

All Golfers struggle, but we will find more joy in Golf game from these tips!


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