Wild shot again? Lift up club head off ground slightly, very slightly?

A couple of weeks ago our department had a group outing on Friday and the weather was very nice.


I was a leader of one of groups and we played a scramble.  It was a less stress and a good chance to invite beginner golfers who also want to learn more about golf.  Some members did bring their kids this day, and we all had a wonderful time.  I tried to show the basics and fundamentals of golf game and swings as much as possible, but as you may know it is not working that great when you want to give tips in the course without any practice and warming up.  Yet, we shared a lot about the game of golf and we all agreed that that golf game is more than just playing well but it requires respect and etiquette among players.

I did drive most of balls very well, but there was one tee-shot which I made a really wild shot, and I couldn’t quite understand what I missed and why I did drive such a wild shot.  Golfers struggle and I struggled for next a couple of holes.

I pondered upon and upon it and I finally figured out what happened during the swing.

As I mentioned in the other post about wild shot, re-griping (i.e. squeezing grip again) is really hurting and, we should be very cautious about not doing this, but I empathized that re-griping can mostly happen at the top of back swing.  However, what I did find out was that this can happen at the beginning of swing, especially right at the take-away of golf swing.

We do relax very much when we are getting ready with addressing with club head or sole staying on the ground.  There will be no tension in the hand at all.  Watch out here!


As soon as we are ready to take away the club, we have a tendency to grip firmer and continue on.  This is the moment when the angle of club face can be easily disturbed from the initial setting, and club face can be off from the square contact.  After hitting, Ball flies in the wrong direction.  It is all about Physics.  The precision of contact between club head and ball has been lost instantly.  Very simple.

So, this is my recommendation.  Please start the swing with reasonably firmer grip to avoid any sudden re-griping and maintain the initial angle all the way to actual contact of ball.  In my title of this post, I said lift up a club head a little.



You have to apply some strength to grip in order to lift up the club head.  In this way, you will have a better chance to maintain the initial angle between club face and ball.  Try it.


I may also want to suggest a couple of things that may be new to current thoughts of golf swing:

  1. Try to use a little bit bigger or jumbo grip which will stay in the hand or palm more securely,
  2. Try to use a little bit more of palm grip rather than using fingers only.


For the joy of game and for golfers who struggle but truly love the game.


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